Willz making that strider bike her bitch.
  • hartluckWillz making that strider bike her bitch.

  • mommatoadI am digging her bed head
  • dgodfrey43Yeah Willz! Where's her IVI's @hartluck ? Ha!
  • thirty_ninerAwesome! My 2.5 yr old has one too, same yellow color. They are RAD!
  • daffsmomGreat pic!
  • amytom1Awesome! Can we get striders inaustarlia
  • jaxshelbiepink can u plz plz come to Townsville, QLD down under for some shows we more then enough peeps to support u on heaps of shows up here plz plz come
  • chlorine81@amytom1 yes at any motorbike store
  • chlorine81@amytom1 we call them balance bikes in Australia
  • chlorine81@jjharp we got our 1yr old one of these then upgraded him to an oset trials bike and then he was on a peewee 50 at age three , never needed training wheels for anything .
  • kallyyeeSo cute
  • carietorchShes gonna break alot of harts lol
  • patchette05So gorgeous
  • ezza2104So cute
  • grycandypantsMy four year old son got this kind of bike two years ago, he rode it inside the house the first winter, ever since he has owned it!! The speed he gets... Crazy!
  • donnaxlouiseDaddy's Girl alright.. Will you let her on the Real Thing when she's old enough? Mmmm Think Momma might have something to say about that :-)
  • casadepaz5Our boy has one too! Rides it like a crazed 🐒
  • hell_or_highwaterhaha perfect brother 🚲
  • stacib13How come there's never a pic of her face jc?
  • bunny_jamHe's protecting her from the media and stuff. Probs. Plus he's an incredible and amazing father cos he cares, loves (etc.) @stacib13 Willow.
  • humboldt_love_707We put my nephew on the strider at 1 hes almost 2 and he loves it.. definitely getting the concept.
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