The snowy owl is STILL there, even this morning
  • lavidphotosThe snowy owl is STILL there, even this morning

  • bluesmancamThat means it's yours to keep. Go pick it up.
  • clickdaggerSaw someone else posting this too. Bad ass.
  • xxsjcSo far south + in an urban area + not moved = There has to be something seriously wrong with this bird.
  • fbaumIt probably can't take off until it deals with that gull weight.
  • lavidphotos@ariesflies, stop trolling @xxsjc
  • xxsjcThank you @ariesflies for the info. I had checked with a friend who is a local biologist about the bird this am. She told me it is not normal for a SO to be in an urban area. They normally hang out in Skagit Valley if the winter up north is colder than usual. Also there patterns are dependent on lemming populations (more info than I understood). And I have to admit I've never seen a SO in Seattle in my life time. Lucky @lavid
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