A Teenage Smoker from my series of the same name. I never stopped shooting them, I should make a volume 2...
  • ed.templetonA Teenage Smoker from my series of the same name. I never stopped shooting them, I should make a volume 2...

  • runningc0yoteWhere are the rest of her fingers?
  • o_legion_o#hobbit
  • fuckinradShe looks like trouble. We prolly would have rolled in the same crew😏
  • mr.marcustattooDo it! Do it!
  • imogenevonbarronYes please Volume 2! @tempster_returns
  • thankyouword@tempster_returns don't be that guy.
  • 0000.0000010@tempster_returns be that guy
  • black.foliageI had a picture on my old phone of a schizophrenic women with an insane wedgie smoking with a group of 6 year old boys, wish I still had it
  • black.foliagePoop stain on the wedgie also
  • black.foliageSurely it's stuck somewhere in the void of 0's and 1's that is the Internet
  • worldsbestdad@grossosucks you're not the only one in love with Spanky this morning. Check out Ed's Spanky post.
  • black.foliage@steveirwin_crocodilehunter josh saw her in a video, she now frequents burnside and I guess she hangs out with all of those creeps.Suits her well
  • michaelgremandoWow Ed, haha u should come out with a creepy teenage smoker series board. Ill help u with the art I got some ideas too
  • ed.templeton@migue_tattoos that is awesome! They are probably in the book.
  • ed.templeton@thankyouzine what guy? Explain.
  • jesse_kitzEspecially if there's a questionable amount of skin showing. Be careful, there is only a two year legal window with teens.
  • ed.templeton@thankyouzine I see. The first book was so small, and it's super expensive now. And in theory a new book would be 100% new photos. And much cheaper and affordable for people. Anyway, I have no plans at all to do that. (and no publishers offering.) I was just saying I never stopped shooting teen smokers, it's still part of what I shoot. Do I have to not show all this work I do since the concept has been done? I think of these things. Thanks for explaining.
  • ed.templeton@jesse_kitz it's not "teenage nudes" it's Teenage Smokers. No nudity involved.
  • ed.templeton@thankyouzine did you see above? And did you delete a comment? All is cool, I like some discourse/discussion!
  • thankyouword@tempster_returns Yeah. I read your response. Both of my comments have disappeared but I didn't delete them? I had no problem with the conversation. It's all cool with me.
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