"Mike Muir, 18, gets some advice after a surprise punch at the last Germs show." Newspaper clipping from the current show at Track 16 gallery, Santa Monica.
  • ed.templeton"Mike Muir, 18, gets some advice after a surprise punch at the last Germs show." Newspaper clipping from the current show at Track 16 gallery, Santa Monica.

  • infinitevisi0nsWas this when he got out of the institutional learning facility?👌
  • skatepunk22@nastynate27 clothes and speech are different things? What, are you twelve? Freedom of speech is all about clothes, stickers on your car, tattoos, what you paint (signs) on private property, and other personal expression ANYWHERE. @prowler_ak
  • skatepunk22@the_notorious_bif he didn't get kicked out the Germs show. The quote was about high school. He got kicked out of school for wearing the shirt (possibly this same one) at school.
  • skatepunk22@mkinsella 👍 exactly.
  • skatepunk22@b5coat Youngster, the Germs were a band. Darby Crash was the singer. That's what this conversation has been about fit 75 comments. Pay attention. LOL.
  • skatepunk22@rizoma yes. Same guy.
  • nachoess@skatepunk22 alright so walk through compton screaming "im a nazi" and then walk through compton with a swashtika shirt on. which do you think would get you beat up first? thats my point. crips and bloods kill eachother over the shit.
  • buddphotoExpress whatever you want dirt bag @prowler_ak
  • nachoess@prowler_ak no to what? nice cop out👍. have a nice life you seem to understand the world so well and your such a HaRdCore sk8er free thinker.
  • beer_run@atibaphoto
  • nachoess@prowler_ak for such an advocate of free speech you really have a way with words. peace.
  • triznutsHaha! @prowler_ak "Calmer than you dude" 😂
  • buddphoto@prowler_ak fuck you and your cat.
  • skatepunk22@nastynate27 one draws more attention but they are equal forms of attention. Neither one is more offensive than the other and neither one is more or less protected in the US.
  • skatepunk22@the_notorious_bif I understand the confusion. Reread it in context of school and it makes sense. I've also read these stories too many times.
  • skatepunk22@the_notorious_bif off the top of my head I'd say We Got The Neutron Bomb is a good place to start. Glen Friedmans books as well. Make The Music Go Bang. Forming The Early Days. I Slept With Joey Ramone was good and some LA stuff but I don't remember what exactly. Some of the slash magazines and reissues of other rags are good. Plus the Belinda Carlisle autobiography has great stories. California Hardcore is a good one too if you can find it. I've read this story probably five different places. Also, oddly, there are some great Red Hot Chili Peppers stories. A lot of the guys who went to Hollywood high and Fairfax high and Venice high all ended up in these iconic bands. I'm sure you could google it. I'll try in the morning.
  • skatepunk22@the_notorious_bif anything about the Masque should have it.
  • skatepunk22Here's one reference; http://vice.com/read/wasted-youth-114-v15n7
  • skatepunk22Duh. I almost forgot. The new zone reissues of We Got Power!
  • skatepunk22Zine
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