& my mean verse streak continues..... #ALQ
  • joebudden& my mean verse streak continues..... #ALQ

  • zone6_3214Been up listening to all your music for HOURS now you're a genius 👏👏
  • infghost013Great album
  • str8_off_the_muscleTHIS FUCKEN ALBUM,,,I mean ,,THIS FUCKEN ALBUM...GOES HARD @joebudden U WENT IN
  • uberalles@joebudden dope ass mixtape!!
  • d_rell88Off 2 the races what y'all want and words of a chameleon #classic #epic @joebudden should've been an album
  • john_doe978Hats off Joe Budden!
  • elborigringooAll in my head. Fucking great record!!!!
  • naupitos_wayDope work homie
  • true.stylesI'm still blasting this mixtape along with the new album. #crack
  • ny_we_go_hardWord to me I been listening to this album on repeat for the past month real life shit man not like these bs artists nowadays .. #fucksouljaboysupermangayshit
  • she_cute0414My husband play the shit out of all in my head an more of me
  • _dirt85_One of dopest niggas out ritez now def sittin in my top 5 fucks wit u cause the muaic is personal
  • _dirt85_Music
  • mr_hutch215Things just ain't the same but he sure will call about a yankees game... Like call CC and get back to me, & what's ill is he says it so casually! PIFF!
  • hectagzGreat shit man
  • lathanjamesi have sickle cell anemia & im always fighting for life, at times it has broken me, your music, your stories, heal me, it brings me out of the dark place im in, your doing wonders for the genre & for me...much respect @joebudden
  • joe_kayoI have to say one of the hardest intros ever!!!...
  • joe_kayo@joebudden,idk what's better, the lyrics you spit on tracks or the game you spit to the lady's!!!...teach me the art lol!!!
  • chefrza1981Mix tape went hard then again which one didn't LOL " joe always goes hard "
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