What have you done for me lately?
  • vatobenWhat have you done for me lately?

  • valerie_medlin@vatoben Ha...A pager and a phone that looks like a cheap ass calculator from the dollar store. Those were the days.
  • kubelleDude! I totally had the 'Cpt Kirk' Sprint flip phone. Although yours looks to be in much better shape than mine was when it finally died! LOL
  • lindabooyahYou must have been working for Walter White when you were using that beeper. ;)
  • browngirl242I'm surprised you have 2 razors intact, both of my screens came unhinged. Makes me wanna post all my old phones :)
  • kindredthefamPhone orgy
  • montseortiz"Edddieeee watt hab youu done for me lateeelyyy?!"
  • marksaenz3OG motorola razr...i swear it's indestructible...it's still my backup phone
  • tumcubusJohn's phone is cool
  • mystiidMine too @marksaenz3 oldie bit goodie
  • vithoven@vatoben what's with the calculator on the right? xD
  • andrewjitsuI miss flip phones.
  • hgarcia04I'm diggin' the beeper.
  • sludgeballLike for sensation ;)
  • jsun_7Back up phones!
  • goodideaadiaRecycle!
  • krislnelsonWow--look at the pager! Lol
  • lavidaloucaNada!
  • aldocrIn my country if you change or when you change phone is because someone stole it from you...
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