I love Vogue but I'm having a difficult time trying to understand her.
  • bryanboycomI love Vogue but I'm having a difficult time trying to understand her.

  • thisismelissaLol and so true @thechicndamned !
  • calinehassanShe's a very shy young girl...she's not a model....none of us have her life so we can't judge her... And I agree @jenni_marie5676 just accept her...
  • jaijee_jMe too
  • luca787What a shame...
  • dieuanhphungHahaHah so agree
  • caticagomitaI think she's quite gorgeous when she's not walking around in sweatpants... But really, her personal life is of no concern to me whatsoever. Any celebrities we think we "understand", we only have a very limited view of them as people, so I say let us enjoy what they are paid to do and let them live their lives however they please.
  • matheusbragansaShe is beautiful but that picture... What's wrong with anna wintour???
  • leeleepilyShe's gorgeous but trashy. @nansypansy
  • lulu.alsharhan@salusaimi 👍👍
  • andreagustafssonNot a fan of her! @bryanboycom
  • ondreondre@bryanboycom i totally agree... She is beautiful her own way, but i can never seem to understand the things she does... And for vogue? No way!
  • katjanyquistShe doesnt belong on the cover....
  • akrisoeRumor said that she's lesbian 😉
  • annika82I love her I think she's perfect for Vouge
  • emmarebeccalouWhen i got this vogue last month i was SO dissapointed she has beautiful eyes but they are dead
  • w_naszym_domuFor me she Is great! She Is different and wild not like all other sweet-and-always-smiling celebrities ;) Just normal girl with issues and problems like we all had her age! GO Kristen!
  • alicepalace83Do not like :|
  • toffylucThe eyes is a lil dead👀👀👀👀
  • andhinifDead eyeeeee
  • scotirishprincessLooks like she's about to fall asleep
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