Seeing this in magazines will never ever fail to make me cry. November Parenting magazine.
  • etstSeeing this in magazines will never ever fail to make me cry. November Parenting magazine.

  • jenblountI got my issue today. Now another reason to dig in. 💖
  • pinkycakes12What a beautiful story with two beautiful girls💕
  • sarahfzimmermanBeautiful!!!!
  • ga_suz@etst cannot wait to get this issue!! Your story is so inspiring!
  • adebusschere@etst congratulations being parenting magazine! True story, I saw this and rushed to my "Parents" magazine searching for your article... Damn! Have to go pick it up!
  • jcfburrCongrates! You have helped so many people with your openness. Thank you!
  • mtmama_brandi@adebusschere ha! I did the same thing. Bummer!
  • ourstreetfamilyI wish I hadn't seen this, I have the mag on my nightstand ready to read, I would've been so surprised to see it! 😯
  • sarahheartsqueensWow!!!
  • sealbark💛💛💛
  • jens__lens@jcfburr- you are so right!
  • blissmamaof3Saw you in whole living magazine today :)
  • sonyamcconvilleI wonder can I get it over here in Ireland, will look :)
  • cdbrandtGreat article. First thing I read in mine when I got it
  • spolly270You inspire me so much! I am so happy that you are spreading the word, my daughter is 5 and I am now taking it upon myself to help raise awareness and help teach people in my community (especially my daughter's school) about DS.
  • janelliecapellieAwesome I just got this magazine, can't wait to find this!!!
  • house054Congratulations Kelle!
  • khanhphdmaiYou're inspiring people. :-)
  • chris6hOoh! I just got this this week and haven't opened it. Now I really need to!!
  • inspiretheuninspiredCongrats! I'm in Australia someone send me a copy?! Lol
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