I'm voting because I want to party at my sister's future wedding #ForAll vote.barackobama.com
  • lenadunhamI'm voting because I want to party at my sister's future wedding #ForAll vote.barackobama.com

  • geli_meowPolitics are about blowjobs duh!
  • heather_bear_👏👍✌
  • officialmandymccray💃❤🌈
  • balexioYour my hero @lenadunham 👏👬👭💞
  • _bluerthanvelvet_@adm629 this reminded me of you;)
  • _bluerthanvelvet_@jenbunsss isn't she rad?!
  • 500daysofsamarYeee Obama 2012
  • jblyndonYou little fuck!!!
  • iztaluna@ms_tigerlily this reminded you of me sister ?! Aww I like it
  • josephine_1ncrIf it was not for learning about InstagramBux i would not ended up being in a position to afford my lease payments this week!! Understand how you could possibly cash in on it too!
  • sanda_vgj3Dont like your job? Desire to incorporate a second job working from the house? This is certainly the position for you, Take home as much as 2500 in 1 week!
  • stephanieportoYaaaaassssssssss!!!
  • _rileyelaine_Except Obama is going to do nothing and can do nothing to legalize gay marriage.
  • kristaleighxAfter insomnia led me to read all of these comments I have to say a) people with notoriety are champions for letting strangers invade their lives like this in such a personal way and not, like, exploding, and b) posting things on one of Lena Dunham's Instagram pictures is totally the best way to discuss politics. Clearly. Oh and c) Barry won so that's just funny
  • briebriewilson@redfishxo exactly!
  • veedizzllee182@lenadunham ♥♥ ur show!! and thsnks 4 voting 4 == gives me hope 2 marriage wen i find my special lady :)
  • lizperna@lenadunham thanks for giving a voice :)
  • traex0Now I really love you!
  • lindsayrossthebossObama is a crook! Gary johnson would have spoken up to big government about issues like marriage equality, marijuana legalization AND try to put more of your money back in your pocket!! Libertarian party all the way, down with dinglebarry.
  • _cndrn^^ She doesn't know that Libertarian is a fancy Republican. Shut up
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