6,500 supporters greeted us in Apopka, FL! #RomneyRyan2012
  • mittromney6,500 supporters greeted us in Apopka, FL! #RomneyRyan2012

  • ryd.der@suzanne_howey shut up whore
  • whyusoemoThats 100th argument i seen on instagram time to celebrate
  • whyusoemo@angeloakyan your not responsible with guns if someone knocks on your door and shoots you that would be bad thats why we have gun control
  • nappinginthewoodsnext year? u mean 4 years?
  • butterpecan767LOOSER BITCHHHHH
  • juliasgallery@carmellovespell69 .. what are you, mad that Obama has taken your rights and freedom, you have nothing, seriously better to do, do you curse on Instagram? As i.said previously, you, are a disgrace. To black and white women. Mitt could sure you for your comments here. They are in violation of USC Title 18. And your beloved Obama took away your right to free speech, so thank him. Mitt won't. He'd rather you learn your lesson in failure the rest of your life.
  • jacob.smith_8You suck all u care about is damn money
  • katie_gilliam^you need jesus
  • katie_gilliam^you need jesus
  • katie_gilliamIn ur bio you say youre sweet. Lol now I see what you and obama share in common. Liess liesss liess
  • woodvero7@mittromney You could have been our next Reagan. I am sorry the people don't want an honest man with integrity running our country, now we are all paying for the choice they made.
  • woodvero7@carmellovespell69_killinshit You are a disgrace to your country
  • daminenpaul80@butterpecan767 your a loser bitch! Trifling ho.. What you twerkin for welfare? Dumb bitch is so stupid she only votes because she is black.. Go to sleep ho. Dumb bitch.. You have probably never won anything in your life.. How about getting nominated to run for president? Didn't think so cunt.. You probably have a better chance of becoming white then EVER winning ANYTHING of that nature.. Go to sleep ho.. You make me embarrassed to be black..... @ckels
  • fresh_kicks123456That's only because you're kinda associated with Obama lol
  • dead_account182010Florida is too good for you
  • huuliette@karol33na
  • hannahzsayre@suzanne_howey how can you possibly say that same sex people cannot marry!!!?? The point of love and marriage is not to make babies you idiot. Why does gender define who we are? #loveislove
  • big_blancy_and_dudaI hope you read this mr Romney I am not very school smart or do I know a lot about things I am not stupid I do know that we need you to run for president sir trump won't be good for us he is trying to get wrong people to vote I think you know what I mean we have come a long way as a nation if he end up in highest office in the world we sllip back to the 1960s that's sad I beleave that he can and will beat Hillary Ciilton if you don't run I know God is whit you I can see it clear I don't know about your religion I am a gypsy a real gypsy my great grandfather came from Serbia all my life my mother and father told my don't say your gypsy be cause they will think you want to rob them and they ment any one that was none gypsy
  • big_blancy_and_dudaDear sir please run we need you I beleave that you can help are country you have God whit you I see it I feel it mr trump is good for his self and only his self Hillary I realy don't know what she is about but I do know she would be a very bad president she is dead in spirt she won't let God in she is so empty you see it and trump has love for him self you sir have the spirt of God tuning thure you you have the expertise to run this country just let you voice be heard just speck loud and clear and God will lead you to the White House and then you can lead are country in the God would want are country is great you just need to have a leader that we can respect and beleave in we need to restore are faith in God first then family and country if it is God will for you to run you will if every I can do any thing for you please call me at 650 771 1712 my name is Blancy Uwnawich I am a 48 years old I have a wife 3 kids and 3 grandkids I am blessed I have a good life I just want my grand kids to know that they can be proud to be Americans like i am proude and my kids are proude please make my grand kids proude to be Americans
  • daniellefusco_TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP
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