Ohhh yeaaaa
  • catelynnmtvOhhh yeaaaa

  • mommieajLove you ALL! Three most amazing people I've seen on the show.
  • christy_mcmahanYou two look so happy and Tyler must be because he is filling out! (Not saying that in a mean way)
  • caitlyn.ann.1993Wish I could of went
  • tayannscar@catelynnmtv We are gonna miss you-you both are so inspirational!
  • jess_iii_caaYOLO 💚
  • faithann0692Follow me (: @catelynnmtv
  • csuppa_O you're cool
  • t_lex__Thank you so much for taking the time to meet us birth moms and girls going through the adoption process.! You have inspired me more to go through with adoption! Safe travels :)
  • missy_dewittI wore a YOLO sweatshirt almost like Tyler, but he wore a shirt! They say great minds think alike! :)
  • heaaathxoAbsolutely gorgeous!! I'm a huge fan of you two & want to meet you guys so bad!
  • dittmana__I love you
  • dittmana__Ur so amazing
  • taylrbrookeYou're so freaking adorable. Oh my gosh. I love you with short hair! (:
  • turn_tuurnWhat the baby dress up as
  • heyyitzkaylaaHey! You went to GVSU! My dad wants me to go there because he lives close. Haha. @catelynnmtv
  • paige_noblemrs baker comes to my work :)
  • ciaoobellaaxo@catelynnmtv lovee your hair it looks gorg just like you❤ love y'all
  • mjm013So excited that i saw u and Tyler! Especially since i use a wheelchair. You both made my day
  • littlecolleen@catelynnmtv PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ PRETTY PLEASE: im an adoptee with a closed adoption, when I finally turned 18 and was finally able to look for my birthmom I found out she had passed away 3 years prior. My whole life up until then there was nothing more important to me then meeting her. I have battled with feelings of abandonment and not being wanted. Then yours and tyler's episode came on and seeing how much you as a birthmom went through it opened my eyes to what my B. M. had to go through and how much she loved me to do that. I watched all of your episodes but I LOVE the ones when you see Carley and talk about how much of a part of your lives still involve her in thoughts. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see the other side of adoption. You really changed my life in such a positive way. Not with teen pregnancy but with my adoption trauma. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Colleen
  • lexilarabeeThat's where I'll be going :)) @catelynnmtv starting out at Muskegon community college.
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