Summer tour wrapped. Case closed. Thanks for the love (and all the stickers.)
  • jason_mrazSummer tour wrapped. Case closed. Thanks for the love (and all the stickers.)

  • cspeltsDid u put my sticker on there? It's the Colorado one with the c on it
  • pantryqueenWHOA. I remember when it was completely blank. That's a lot of love.
  • zoejmoon
  • wandererwilkinsyour my hero man. you, my dad, and my brother. And my grandpa. I am going to meet you someday, and we shall sing a tune. until then, thanks for your contribution to the ether. the gods have probably hummed ur tune by now.
  • eryndutnice..
  • sleepless_hagI enjoy your music.
  • lisakim44I love your songs!!!
  • triiipygram🔴🔵🔻🔸🔸🔻🔵🔴
  • dantilleryNow to just chill.
  • kauai0(●´▽`●)
  • milai93cool
  • sheilablanchettCaught your last show in Vegas and met you at the red rocks pool show was amazing thanks Jason @sheilablanchett
  • noemiiestefaniiCanada!!! Ugh!
  • _thenailahgraceI love the one that says EARTH but art is highlighted. I'm in Canada! Saw you in Vancouver. Best thing I EVER saw. Nothing will beat the love I had for THAT concert, Tour is a four letter word. @jason_mraz
  • ldiaz325Need a Maryland sticker?
  • hector9_6I am a big fan but I'm mad because my cousin made you a sticker that said someone in compton loves mraz in the san diego show with cristina perri and she was going crazy to give it to you so she gave it to a blond hair lady who said she works with you and I didn't see it on there that kinda gets me mad >:/
  • hector9_6@sawwah_
  • sawwah_seee my stickers not on here ;/ @hfcpower
  • kellybwaldropYayayayayay! I see the Hanover Tomato sticker I gave you!! Awesome collection!
  • wildflowerr17This is amazing,
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