On to the party! Happy birthday @nickcannon!
  • mariahcareyOn to the party! Happy birthday @nickcannon!

  • turm0ilsExactly. Celebrities are all human. At one point in time, they were us.
  • chefnilka@enticingdella I love your mind! I don't know you but once I read your post I had to comment! You just broke it all the way down!!! lol When people are unhappy with themselves they give off that negative energy it always have to start with you & how you choose to live life. When people are unhappy they become bitter & angry. The flip side is life doesn't have to be that hard. Live life as you see fit & share it with like minded people everyone has their own journey it's just how u choose to live it! Those that don't see or understand what life is truly about will be forever be lost..
  • k444naxHow can anyone call you weak?! Fucking hell people nowadays! Do your thing Mimi 👌
  • onlymaylajU look beautiful u and jlo Early 40s and twins #teammimi
  • x0babydollx0You two are cute
  • jaaakkkee.sRape
  • a1nnetteWhy do people gotta hate, in pretty surs she doesnt care what you guys say about her couse shes to busy living her great life that she worked for
  • a1nnetteIm*
  • a1nnetteCause*
  • pretty_girl_yodaNick you pushin it with my wife I let see her for pic thts all.
  • xxrcabreraxxCougar @mariahcarey
  • nniillooffaarr@marde 10 salam az khodesh koochikykoochiktare
  • ladiemarie_the_realist~Awesome .... True love (~_~)© ps don't let no one take from you both @mariahcarey
  • myassehIf I was an amazing vocalist singer with 12/13 albums and 18 #1 singles under me I wouldn't let a kim k break up my amazing marriage @mariahcarey
  • allisonblohm@rosario.hayes do u wish that guy was you?
  • hizmercyMaybe he couldn't handle Mariah!? Sometimes what we want we don't need! And what you need... We don't know how to keep it! Just because you should be loved, doesn't mean your not suppose to work for it...earn it and respect it too!
  • xobrianaxoGo @giacecora
  • cash_me__out@nickcannon should get back with this women
  • hautesugadiva@my_memoir_ so agree
  • marthaf28@mariahcarey @nickcannon I don't know what took you 2 to break it up, just know you guys look great together and also have a beutiful family.. I still hope and pray that you can get back together.. Btw you two are doing a great job co-parenting at least what what's the pics shows.
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