Plz repost and keep an eye out
  • twitchthis8Plz repost and keep an eye out

  • lpg030500:(
  • tabii89Aww ill b praying for her safe return
  • erindaniels9@twitchthis1 this is from my home town, ill share it.
  • erindaniels9@christinaemily82 I'm from yucca, ill share this on my fb. I hope she is found. The good thing is it is a small area so there is still a lot of hope
  • deathcult_That was totally sarcastic your ugly as fuck @cottoncandy4life you look like a mouse
  • funnymeetingyouhereThank you!! I'm also from yucks I have it on my Facebook
  • cottoncandy4lifeThat's your opinion and it does not matter to me what you think you are no one to me! @b_trappy
  • torigramxoxo@katieallenbach only cause I know you live there..
  • rlavin204Its a post about a missing person and u guys find something to argue and talk shit to eachother about! Grow the fuck up. If u wanna support the cause for this girl then do it but don't pollute a post with bullshit that no one cares about!
  • ednbmom👆👆 @rlavin24 👏👏👏👏
  • thapegsters90@rlavin24 👏👏👏 very nicely said sir.
  • goodniteiloveuHope they find her fat ass
  • sbaby760Hope they find her! In my prayers I Live in the 760 as well
  • brown_eyed_beauty27@goodniteiloveu Haha ur one to talk! She may be a little heavy set but bitch look at urself u look like a dude! And ur not to skinny either and top that ur ugly as hell ur just a hater. What type of person responds like that to a post like this! PATHETIC
  • beardybaldypete@goodniteiloveu horrible cunt
  • rpbarrels@goodniteiloveu Bahaha. Okay thunder thighs... I wouldnt be talking considering you have saggy tits and look like you've eaten one to many KFC chicken wings. Hopefully you go missing and they find her. We don't need people in this world like you.
  • erindaniels9@goodniteiloveu who says that? What if it was your child, jokes on you girl. You're looking pretty stupid right now.
  • goodniteiloveu@loveebee_23 haha trick u r dumb callin me a bunch of #fake names then u call me a #hater. U r a hater yourself cunt
  • socalkassieWow what we don't need is a bunch of dumbasses In the world! Good looking out...just think what if that was your daughter it pains me to know we have such ignorant people in this world! Must not have kids! Thanks twitch for the 411!!
  • jackhurleyyyy👏👏
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