Or just peeps that got picked on in school.
  • twitchthis8Or just peeps that got picked on in school.

  • thatgermanguy76and I met @twitchthis1 at the Lucas Off Road races in Reno, he didn't seem to mind who I was...I don't walk around with a chip in my shoulder. I go to work and do my job to support my family. Call it what you want, but at least I provide for my family!
  • sunshine.is.bae@jeffhubbydaddy you are a very humble man. Thank you for serving our country! Yes I completely agree with you every profession has its dirty few and every profession has its haters. Isn't it nice to know what you were fighting for over there?
  • cwolff241f*** the police I wish nothing good to the police officer.
  • thatgermanguy76Like I said, these comments just crack me up...such anger issues...lmao☝
  • sawyahman74Police department is the biggest gang in America ....2pac
  • twitchthis8Relax people it's a sticker hahah!! There's some good cops and a lot of bad ones get over it!
  • twitchthis8@jeffhubbydaddy i remember u u were cool. I didn't say all cops!!
  • thatgermanguy76@twitchthis1 thanks bro...I know you didn't! Just some of these other guys on here are straight nuts towards cops...
  • twitchthis8@jeffhubbydaddy for sure !!
  • _24karats@jeffhubbydaddy You're calling other people ignorant when you're the public tool doing everything you're told... Cool story bro. No disrespect to cops, some people just don't agree with the establishment.
  • andifree17@_24karats and everyone else who has said something... There's a huge difference in a disagreement with the establishment and throwing disgusting/hateful slurs at people who are simply state they're employed in law enforcement. It's funny how ballsy ppl become when it comes to the Internet. @jeffhubbydaddy is straight by the book & would help (and has) anyone who needs it. He IS educated & worked hard to get where he is. Yes, there are crooked cops, I've ran across some myself, just wish ppl would stop stereotyping & attacking ppl just for the sake if it. Ridiculous. Besides, it's just a damn sticker. Get over it ppl. Supposed to be funny. Ha ha 😐
  • _24karatsHate is a way that some express their disagreement, probably not the most effective but, it's still a disagreement. He obviously is straight by the book, he is an ex-miltia/police officer. Its the Internet get over it. @andisnooks
  • andifree17@_24karats And opposing hatred is the way I express mine. Lol I find it amusing that someone would defend hate just for the sake of argument. Bottom line is, the sticker itself is funny. The comments above where ppl are insulting each other is what I'm referring to. There's no point in that.
  • _24karatsWho defended hate? The last thing our society needs is more hate. Yes, this post is funny and people should read between the lines @andisnooks
  • jaimeloaderLol you guys who would waste your time arguing over this, hahaha fucking dirtbags that sit at home all day ^
  • lissa0727@twitchthis1 kids that got picked on in school become cops for revenge. #truestory HATERS!!!!
  • bonedipperFuck cops
  • bonedipperAnd the police
  • bonedipperAnd any other bitch ass motherfuckin punk tryin to rule over anybody! There's only one true ruler over this shit hole!;)
  • chrissy.a.woodHoly fuck I say the same
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