Good beer for good people!
  • sirlayosGood beer for good people!

  • vincebyronSerg why aren't you here at rebel jam in Barcelona!!! @sirlayos
  • tausendundeinemeile@sirlayos what is the name?
  • sirlayos@vjbmx I had a doctor appointment today and it was going to be too much to get there on time for that. You are one of the reasons why I really wanted to be there! I will love to hang out some time soon!!
  • sirlayos@dcustoms i'm not quite sure there is too many things on the label but the brewing is flying dog and the name of it is kujo and is a imperial coffee stout.. Or that is what i got from it! Haha
  • tausendundeinemeile@sirlayos Thanks...enjoy it and have Fun...
  • vincebyronAwww damn man that sucks!! Ill see ya soon for sure mate! Take care!! @sirlayos
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