Hanging at @RileyBurruss school carnival
  • kandiHanging at @RileyBurruss school carnival

  • msmocha1975Family 1st love this pick
  • tayhollywood@insta_nicki
  • talleymainI #love and #respect your #life.... You a wonderful #mother..... @kandiburruss from @talleymain
  • shaney_3Riley is getting so big
  • 74katsNice pic..#what does your momma have in that red cup? j/k
  • joannc7Aww Kandi this is a great picture
  • kimtntreymamaThe genes are strong I've always said Miss Riley looks like her Grandma Joyce
  • justcallmenene76oooooooo.....mom NICe!!!!!!!
  • charhillmusicYour@ momma looks great
  • dnazereneLovely family
  • graceful_btterfly@kandiburruss she is gorg
  • sobeautifulljazzAww i love this family pic ... Saw ur mom the other day at popcorn haven i love serving her she so sweet .. Everybody is train on what she wants and how she want it .. #teamJoyce
  • _a.muvaNot hatin:...but the lil girl kinda chubby there:maybe it's baby fat tho
  • bootluv34@glitter_ndglamour really!!! tats a child.. U would talk about a child... U must aint got much going in ur life to be talkin bout somebody child...
  • _a.muva@bootluv33 don't give a fuck wat u say now don't give a fuck wat u think font give a fuck how u feel ..in conclusion fuck yoself with a sling blade bitch it's a free country it's a pic so I can comment..u dont know me I don't know u so you can't whoop my ass,EXCUSE YOURSELF BITCH OVER AND DONE WITH WITH YOUR REAL UGLY ASS NOW PUT THAT UP YOUR ASS..
  • _a.muvaAnd learn how to spell its *THATS bitch and YOUR spell check yo ass before u try to check me...over and I'm done with bitch find your place get there and never get out of it again...FINISHED
  • bootluv34U are real mature I'm sure ur mom is disgusted by u... Have good day sweetie cause u going to need it...
  • _kaykaygYall all look very pretty and tell your daughter i said hey
  • mack32booLuv your daughters shirt
  • tangiemarie42Nice pic!
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