Our passion starts here. Howard sharing his message for partners at #sglc12 #onward
  • starbucksOur passion starts here. Howard sharing his message for partners at #sglc12 #onward

  • mushamomy@jbtenorio @mariesalamat @merylmg look pls.. hehe
  • piglet888Howard , I love u
  • stellatuffliMy friend Janey is presenting today! Go Janey
  • samuelhanson6Sonics.
  • shira_61zever dream of generating income on line, now you can just by making comments like this
  • nacity@starbucks you have some the rudest people the work at a store in chula ca I spend at least 400 dollars month on Starbucks and the level of immaturity is unbelievable never in my life have I been treated the way I was today. Please hire people that care about there job and take pride in it hire people who wanna be there and just don't come to work to collect a check
  • hennyweiser1How do u make money by posting pix? @vicki_b4o
  • grace_emily3How do u make $$$$$ by posting pics
  • bartusch@nacity which Starbucks?
  • aleta_z2klIs halloween season your preferred festivity? Well come cast a vote and Win $$$ and candies for life
  • renee_rvf3Is halloween your chosen festivity? Well come cast a vote as well as Get $$$ and/or treats for lifetime
  • sanda_vgj3Dont like your job? Desire to incorporate a second job working from the house? This is certainly the position for you, Finally achieve as much as 2500 in 1 week!
  • stavxd@starbucks Come to Israel !!! Everyone loves starbucks here :)
  • my.khelHi
  • theamjarmarkPlease make more starbucks coffees in Denmark!<3 we only have two! And we loooove Starbucks!
  • zahirasantiago06Show info and photos from Puerto Rico please.
  • zahirasantiago06Share patience, it's a virtue.
  • _katastr0phicSwiggity swoward his name is howard
  • chloeelizabitch^^^whaaaat?😂
  • vbnaponHi l like
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