Ever wonder what a book signing action shot looks like? #totalrecallbook
  • schwarzeneggerEver wonder what a book signing action shot looks like? #totalrecallbook

  • vol_cCOME OANNNNNN over to Australia and sign some stuff!!
  • hertzielaDaniel are you doing NYC. Nicolas wants to come
  • leshik777Arny'sign.)
  • jackrobson1987Hero
  • skyeebrieannaPlease sign my boyfriends for his bday :) !!
  • maryetlaineSomeday I will meet you :)!!
  • spencedawg226Im buying the book.
  • shesaidburnLove you!!!
  • hany4everHope 2 have one with your sign
  • djmassilonI loved your book, you life was amazing.
  • jakkajun3Love you're sign @dindapper
  • kyle.bottosMega fan
  • christianmagazineDear Arnold, I need to buy your book. Sounds fascinating. I read that you are a Christian? If so that is awesome. I started this Instagram last August by myself but it's gaining alot of traction now. My goal is to publish a Christian Magazine but I don't have the right contacts nor the funding and don't know who to talk to. Christianity is under attack in this country, I'm Republican, I am trying to take a stand and also help others in the process. If we dont do anything this country will turn into a Muslim nation. I believe in being kind to others as Jesus shows us the way to be. I was raised Christian my whole life by my mother. Sometimes I just want to throw in the towel with this but I believe my project needs to be in the right hands over time. Anyway if you can help great if not no big deal what's meant to be will be. My personal IG is @fortytwoyears and my email is info@christmagazine.com God bless! Now I need to get to the gym and pump some iron! I'm so glad you are IG.
  • abbdegaunzaJust ordered it cannot wait! Ly arny
  • yuliayupratiwiCool i want that
  • hammerhaugWould be my favoritt birthday present to get your signature one day!... Thank you for so much inspiration and motivation to go gym, grow muscles and get on the stage one day! You are my god!!! @schwarzenegger
  • marunoowerGooo
  • missmariamieYou're an artist Mr! 😳
  • 13budoka12Happy birthday 🙏🎁🎉🎂🏆💯%
  • fiberskinny.lifet!
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