Ha I love gettin boxes like this!!! Now u know why I wear a new shirt every day! Cause I can hahahahaha! Thx @fsastagram
  • twitchthis8Ha I love gettin boxes like this!!! Now u know why I wear a new shirt every day! Cause I can hahahahaha! Thx @fsastagram

  • mcrg868@twitchthis1 it's like having a birthday every day!!😎😻🎂🎁🎉🎊
  • randy1904pffp@twitchthis1 shoot a blue shirt my way.. oh wait a sec that would have to mean you have to have clothes in mens sizes...
  • boostedlx@twitchthis1 I'm a large feel free to send me the "used" ones hahahahaaha
  • bad_habits_917@twitchthis1 where's Collin man ? Have you seen porno Dave at all ?
  • rich2freshWasteful, some ppl wish they could only have one shirt let alone a new one each day. How you resale them or give them away
  • _grecomafia_Ppl like this dnt know what work is amd the true value of a dollar.if this FOOL broke his neck and could ride anymore which means there wouldnt be money coming in he would flip out if he had to wash and rewear a shirt.pathetic
  • mermaid_68Meeee tooo :)
  • chadstyle@mrs_greco obviously you have NO CLUE what you're talking about. The amount of work @twitchthis1 has put in over the years to get to where he is now would make most people's heads spin. I've dealt with him personally and not only is he a hard worker but a great guy and father. You're throwing stones at someone you clearly know nothing about which only makes you look like the dumb ass so in the future just keep your comments to yourself.
  • chadstyle@twitchthis1 I miss all the boxes of free swag when I worked at West Coast Customs..always nice getting cool new stuff daily. Hope all is well bro and hopefully I'll see you and Ronnie and Nate this year at Xgames.
  • shredbunnieLucky!!
  • richiealvarezEverybody shut up already. Twitch worked his ass off my all he gets so stop hating not his fault you can't be like him. @twitchthis1
  • whiskey_rivers09@twitchthis1 just post a picture of your dick and see who tries to suck it first #nobodygivesafuck #namedroppers #equal #dicksuckers
  • _grecomafia_Haha I know a lil more than u think I do..wasteful
  • yzlife_brennan06Lemme know if you want some fatal brand clothing!! I could hook you up with some my uncles the owner!!
  • ohshitballs#phresh
  • chudakoff21Im prrtty sure he didnt get all of them covered up... And i dont LIVE inder a rock you fuck. @___jimmy___
  • ___jimmy___*under @chudakoff21
  • sbenesh513shit i need hooked up with free clothes too...
  • mault137Livin the dream right there
  • kinzleys_daddy@twitchthis1 my nigga I would do anything in.thw.motha fuckin.world..to.get the Hooke.up.on soe close from you.an a signature shirt, I am inspired by you so much homie ypu.go hard in fmx an you. Have a sick ass personality!!
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