• dwyanewade#10/10

  • kendall_aezcrazy how much salary im making just commenting on pics
  • jacob97531Dwayne Wade you guys are beast in Basketball
  • li_yang1227lining?
  • keke8671@itscooljay how many people will actually by these garbage of a shoe if he didn't like the way they were designing his shoe at JB he should have put his opinion in but it's no secret it's a money thing he signed a larger contract JB wasn't going to pay him what he want
  • jamesrawl@keke8671 u are %100 rite. But think about it, the chinese market is different from the american market. They will do good in china. Why do u think The nba, nike, lebron, etc is pushing to the chinese market. They made shoes specificly for china (year of the dragon LBJ, KD's, Kobe's etc). Miami heat even plays there're 1st preseason game in china in a couple of days. I agree what u saying but i just want people to think outside the box. Its a great business decision for wade, all these dudes kno it just retros lol
  • jamesrawl@d_squared11<-----TRUE👏
  • huarachegЧмо!
  • stephon84Li Ning ???? Ahah come on are U serious
  • lito_datAint nobody buyin no brand sneakers dont matter if they are dwade sneakers shits trash shouldve stayed with jordan or went to nike
  • skyline184Who cares if Wades shoes dont habe a swoosh or a jumpman its not going to affect his game and his shoes will also become more affordable. Personally I love these and think they look better than any of his Js
  • hawgykWhy wade whyyyyyyuy
  • goldcollector.incglad to c u join in chinese brand!
  • tru402Kobbbbbeeeeee for six fuck the Heat!
  • t_reid_speedhe left bihh lol @delrionteallen
  • blisteringsurfnturf@mrmarcus402, looks like the Hear hurt your feelings last year, too. The MVPs hurt too. LETS GO HEAT!!!!
  • carsonbyrdotcomRespect #getgreat I'm out in Beijing in March going to cop a few pair
  • jordy_rice@dwyanewade I want some
  • z_freeNobody what's your shoes bro there fucking ugly. Please sign w reebok or nike or somthing. Your one of the best to ever do it.. But your not a trensetter... Please just let them design for you @dwyanewade
  • rocsteadyfreddybNice
  • yvng.chvpoId luv to have a pair of those
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