Decisions ! Wearing #balenciaga + #givenchy and maybe some #christianlouboutin #louboutins #mensfashion  happy Sunday y'all !
  • kanelk_kDecisions ! Wearing #balenciaga + #givenchy and maybe some #christianlouboutin #louboutins #mensfashion happy Sunday y'all !

  • upcloseandstylishLove the display!
  • oddinaryHaha Louboutin Kingdom in your house!
  • hhippParadise...
  • kanelk_k@lettedp thank you !!
  • kanelk_k@fastlanemaryjane haha omg thats too kind of you
  • evan_lowI love all ur shoes!! U r so rich!
  • dcvh212Super cool collection you have!!! Enjoy
  • img178😍😍❤👌👍👏
  • sanarahim👍
  • leduc_lanvinSwa
  • xxxforeverlovexxx💖💜💖
  • bryanng1love them louboutins!
  • hericksoncarnieluau... <3
  • triplethreattvHello! My name is Dani Guitelman and I work for a documentary based TV production company called Triple Threat TV that provides documentary content for MTV. At the moment, we are in pre-production for an episode of MTV TRUE LIFE: I'M A NEW MILLIONAIRE! and are currently casting for the episode.

    True Life is MTV's Emmy Award winning documentary series that profiles young adults that are going through various exciting and life changing experiences and documents their journeys.
    I noticed you on instagram and would love to talk to you about potentially being in the episode. Filming is very low key and a small commitment. If chosen, we will usually check in with you approximately 10 days over the course of a 3-4 month period. No fixed cameras, 24 hour days, or surprise visits. All it would take is a 2-3 person team that will hang out with you on and off as you take on new and exciting opportunities.
    If you are interested, please feel free to email me back and let us know what you are thinking. I hope this project is interesting to you, and please feel free to reply with any questions you might have and would like to talk about. Email us at
    -- Dani Guitelman
    Intern, Triple Threat TV
  • yayotgjvjoh Lawwd ! nice
  • kayebeehI want the Loub studded sneakers :]
  • scumbabe>has never studded himself. So punk rock.
  • ryanhouknice slippers bro my girlfriend has the same ones. she's about your size too.
  • rudolfharriswhy?
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