Sporting my new @Broadway4Obama pins made by @EvanKasprzak's Mom! #SOS #SIP
  • keenanbloggerSporting my new @Broadway4Obama pins made by @EvanKasprzak's Mom! #SOS #SIP

  • superlov.eIs there anywhere I can buy one???
  • _angelajohnson_Perfect!!!!!
  • seize_the_day_newsiesyou should sell those!! #obama2012
  • em_steeeleI love the makeup & head mic look
  • cydniehamptonI want one!
  • alexaisabel_smLove 'em!
  • meghancaprezWant one!
  • officialevanbradleylewisI want one!!!!
  • ripnewsiesI want one!! Those r so cool!
  • syd10801@keenanblogger I made some for you guys too! Will give them to you next wknd. #GreatMinds
  • ikezachJoblessness over 8%--and far higher for African Americans. Increasing numbers on various forms of government aid. College more expensive than ever. Gas prices through the roof. Credit sinking. Astronomical spending. The Middle East burning with anti-American rage. Continued devotion to this president staggers the mind. May his defeat be decided and swift.
  • tyler_bo_byler@izsterrett not the time or the place
  • ikezach@takenbytyler Weeks before an election is not the time? Social media is not the place? The reality may upset you. It upsets me. But Barack Obama is a failure. A disappointment. Ultimately, the question is whether we can do better. I say yes.
  • tyler_bo_byler@izsterret Dude chill. This is someone's instagram picture. Do you really think you posting that on HERE is gonna impact the election one way or the other? Go troll the comments section of a news website instead.
  • madtrumOof. 💙💜💚❤ these buttons, girl!
  • taykreynoldsI WANT ONE!!! #BroadwayForObama
  • strikingtwelvesThose are too cool.
  • rachelmuskasHey! 😊 I know the odds of you seeing this is not likely but I just want to say as a theatre kid I totally look up to you and you are an amazing actor! I love watching you perform you are so great! Your awesome❤ hope you see this! 👍
  • rachelmuskasPlease @keenanblogger it would mean the WORLD to me if you replied to this! I really admire you and I would be the happiest person ever if you acknowledge me! I would die!!! You are so amazing and I really look up to you!!
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