Flying over the summit of Denali
  • dcwadeFlying over the summit of Denali

  • dcwade@missmemi Thank you Melinda! ❤
  • dcwade@jasmeetsingh139 Thanks Jasmeet!
  • dcwade#tellsomethingtuesday My wife and I just came back from an incredible land-sea cruise to Alaska starting in Vancouver, and ending in Fairbanks Alaska. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary, and made the trip with two other couples. We all ate and drank too much, enjoyed beautiful scenery and wildlife, and had a wonderful time! I highly recommend this trip, it should be on everyone's bucket list. The picture is the summit of Denali (Mt. McKinley) from a Cessna. Because of the altitude, we were all wearing oxygen masks at this point. It was stunning! I took tons of pictures, and my IG followers will be blessed/cursed with Alaska pictures for quite a while.
  • mimiwingsI say blessed!! And this is spectacular! Sounds like such a fabulous time👏👏👏
  • mimiwingsHappy 30th Anniversary too!!!😍
  • dcwadeThanks so much! It was wonderful!
  • dcwadeOops @mimiwings See above!
  • ohhlookabunny1) Beautiful photo!!!! 2) I hope it was a blast!!! 3) PLEASE OH PLEASE tell me you have photos of you in the mask!!! :)
  • dcwade@ohhlookabunny 1) Thank you! 2) It was fantastic! 3). Sorry Cyn, my camera was pointed out the window when we were at the summit. The mountain was much prettier than me. I'll see if anyone else got a shot. 😊❤🐰
  • massibswow, amazing view!
  • dcwade@massibs Thank you!
  • shiaujinglowcool!
  • sethda123Very very nice
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  • josuereyesnvbeautiful
  • dcwade@josuereyesnv Thanks!
  • dcwade#tellsomethingtuesday This picture represents surprising and wonderful experiences for me for a few different reasons. Lesly and I took a dream vacation Alaskan cruise in September. The highlight tour was a flight around the summit of Denali from Talkeetna which is south of the mountain. Unfortunately, Talkeetna was flooded and our flight was cancelled. Our next stop was Denali National Park, where we discovered another guide offering summit flights. We jumped on it and had a beautiful day and an incredible flight. The pilot circled the summit three times while we took pictures, videos or just stared out the window in awe! We were also wearing oxygen masks because of the altitude. My final surprise came a couple weeks later when @instagram highlighted my photo in a tribute to Alaska. After 5 months on IG I had gained 228 followers. In the next 12 hours I picked up 65 more. Instagram is a strange land, but I've really enjoyed my stay here. Oh yeah, Alaska is definitely a "Bucket List" destination!
  • dcwade#JJ_Forum_1149 Circling the summit of Denali in a little 6 seater prop plane while breathing through an oxygen mask because the air was too thin
  • dcwade#insta_america #insta_america_alaska
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