iPhone 5 compatible Mophie (it's fully external, not a case)
  • mgsiegleriPhone 5 compatible Mophie (it's fully external, not a case)

  • redflame82Should open it up so we can get a closer look
  • dtrinhUsing one right now
  • reynhornwoodThis is a necessity. LTE kills "Apple's best battery ever."
  • vania_11What is it ?
  • atomitisI have the keychain version of this and it's a lifesaver when you're in the single digits of power... Drawback: I always forget to charge it when I'm home.
  • mulliganLightning connector or bring your own cord?
  • caputoI'm using the 4000mAh version which fully charges an iPhone 5 battery. There's a 6000mAh version which is nice, but is (relatively) expensive.
  • rosebudsmumHuh?
  • megalopolis9Love the reflection of the ceiling. My battery has been great so far.
  • tatferreWhat is that?
  • pen602@chuvaness is this the mobile charger you were referring to?
  • mfsatinI got one and I love it
  • tcdeleonGotta love @mophie !!!
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