• snooki👾

  • _dubsxo_It is funny because you're bringing up shit from a week ago, telling me I'm the one causing drama and stalking my pictures trying to talk crap when you don't realize nothing a pre teen says will ever mean anything to me. Now I have to go because I have a day full of shopping for my child and myself ahead of me. Have a fabulous day girls... 💋
  • _dubsxo_I absolutely will Hun 😘
  • ella.hallmarkBye fake I brows 😏 you just got poned
  • ella.hallmark@debi_xoxo
  • ella.hallmarkUmm poned means owned don't u know the tween language ?!?!
  • _dubsxo_I'm an adult...no I don't talk in "tween" language...lol
  • ella.hallmarkWow are u hearing this ray
  • ella.hallmarkShut up jerk
  • _dubsxo_💋
  • ella.hallmark😒 No one likes u debi xoxo
  • ella.hallmarkYou look like a donkey
  • _dubsxo_@kelilaann lol I think it's funny. Two little 12 year olds acting cool on IG lol it's nothin
  • loryn_grace@ellabellahallmark stop arguing with @debi_xoxo. U r half her age and I wouldn't be arguing. And just by looking at the things u r saying, u sound like a little girl who doesn't know how to give back come backs. Even if she is a proud mommy that has nothing to do with her smoking. So stop arguing with her cuz it's getting old!
  • k_rockafellaUmm....I just wanna know who makes the sunglasses
  • jmeaccess@k_rockafella did you find out about the sunglasses yet? Gotta be my next pair
  • k_rockafellaNegative, I'm dying to know. I asked a couple times. I need them in my life.
  • k_rockafella@snookinic please tell me where those glasses are from. My third request, I'm dying to know.
  • fergie_fern@gravy_yard Twins!
  • gravy_yard@fergie_fern NO!
  • graceiemacieYou look just like my sister
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