Got this guy @kevinjonas to finally hike with us.
  • joejonasGot this guy @kevinjonas to finally hike with us.

  • sazzy2004Hahha hiking is fun not to be with star but to be with
  • courtney_ugly@adamjosephj @kevinjonas <3
  • tiia.emYou? There? No way :o
  • elisabetn94I would love to hike with you ;)
  • im_veronicaThe men
  • notrightnow<3
  • khairunkhairunnWaiting for you guys to come to Malaysia! I've waited fr so long! Why don't you guys take a walk around in KL when you reach here!!! I love youuuuu
  • josephadamjfansLove u Joe!!! :)
  • malrashiedJoe I love you and your hair ☺😊😘😍❤
  • muffleeYou arms...omg<3
  • taypo13Dude I have that running sucks shirt!
  • mel_denisse97Dude !! Love u babys !!
  • breniisaamy baby Joe!! sexy sexy sexy!
  • victoriiaaann13Just so you all know @adamjosephj is no ones. He's not an object that can be owned. So stop saying he is.. He's also not your "baby" considering the fact most of you have never met him & probably never will... Not to mention who's to say if you do meet him he'll become your baby??.. Just saying #hadto #neededtobesaid ☺☺
  • houston_08tif your going to be on instagram might as well sign up and get paid to be on here
  • chesgal@whoisvictoriaanyway That's just the fans showing their love to their idol/s and you can't just simply block someone's freedom of speech just because of that little matter. I respect your opinion but I'm just saying what I think about what you said.
  • victoriiaaann13@cheskalator I know what you mean, but I was talking about the obsessive fans that are all '_____ is mine & no one else's' like the ones that are slightly scary. Not the normal everyday fans that love them, you know
  • courtneyug_@adamjosephj She thinks she's someone important now !! She's an attention whore.
  • valentinaaa.efist my asshole
  • abengoetxe7😋👌
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