The best producer and I part our ways tonight...been a great 3weeks
  • phillphillThe best producer and I part our ways tonight...been a great 3weeks

  • mackenzie2696💘
  • mackenzie2696@phillphill
  • mackenzie2696;)
  • hayquelpI love you so much! ♡♥
  • andressadessa.m❤️😍💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
  • aimeegangemellaI can't take you you're too cute
  • nat_gzdivosss ❤️❤️
  • tatibigstarTe amo seu lindo! <3
  • belenbaez95So Beautiful i love youuuu
  • isabelafreitas__@juliannyponte meu marido é o da esquerda
  • isabelafreitas__♥♥
  • juliponte_@isabelafreitas8 apoieiiiiiiiiii
  • memoriez.4.meur so cute Philps philips, i love the song gone, gone, gone!
  • jessicagutsteinRemember when you tweeted me twice in 24 hours
  • hannah.philllipsselfie .
  • stasia_1432I know you probably won't read this and won't answer me back but if you happen to I would really appreciate it. I'm 13 years old and I'm also a singer when people hear me they say that I have the best voice they have ever heard on a 13 year old. My family usually tell me I have a kinda Adele mixed with Alicia keys voice. I like singing Mariah Carey and you you r my favorite I love your music. The thing is I really want to become someone big in the future and I know this is probably never going to happen but let me if it's possible for me to send you a video of me singing or anything like that I would just like to know what you think it would mean a lot to me. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
  • brittinibitchI loved ya before you where famous ! Come to Melbourne !! I could listen to you sing alllll day and night . Volcano is my fave song <3 @phillphill
  • caseyjunCan't choose favorites because all your songs are amazing!!
  • mmscholl@phillphill trying to get your attention lol! I flew in from St. Louis to go to the show tonight with my bro and sis! Meet us for brunch today at Stax Omega in Greenville at 10! We will be there until 11! Would be a fun surprise if you showed up!
  • amicable_paradigmYou're very handsome and amazing, I wish I get to meet you one day.
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