another fun day in salem;) best job ever;)!!!
  • missyreevesanother fun day in salem;) best job ever;)!!!

  • yolinerrolThere she is.
  • mandybowlingLove you on Days and love looking at your photos. :)
  • lostinozYou are just beautiful
  • jennifercamplinBeautiful!
  • sburry15You are gorgeous!
  • garcmansionYou are so loved in Fresno ca!!!
  • kaibalandYou have the prettiest smile! I'm loving your storyline on Days right now. You're brilliant!
  • cyn4jesusBeauty inside and out. Prov 31 💗
  • vshafferBeautiful photo of you.
  • franhopsonThe story line is allowing you to show your range as an actress. Fabulous job!
  • jodestarxI would love to visit the set one day :)
  • courtcourt91It had to have been 10yrs ago cuz I was maybe 11 or 12 when I went on set...I met u n u were so #sweet #humble and #DownToEarth ... :)
  • sfgal12I remember I was on the set of Salem years ago, it was nice lol. Wished the shops were open,hehe
  • bshowell41Gorgeous as always!
  • cjj425Is Jenn going to go crazy like her mom Laura?
  • brookester522@missyreeves u look amazing & just the same as u did 25 years ago when we were roomies!
  • kerriwilsonJust watched and look out EJ mad at you! Haha much love!
  • barbiegirl1977Missy you are such an amazing and talented actress. Your recent scenes on DAYS is a testimony to how incredible you are. You are showing that there are so many different dimensions to the character of Jennifer and I love it! Applause from one of your biggest fans xx
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