Best keychain ever /cc @fitbit
  • busterBest keychain ever /cc @fitbit

  • buster1) you don't have to charge it (the battery lasts 4-6 months, and is replaceable)
  • buster2) it automatically syncs with your phone and the web without having to plug it in to anything
  • buster3) it has a great website and API so it integrates with lots of other things
  • buster4) it can be used as a KEYCHAIN! (so it'll always be in your pocket)
  • brycevery clever.
  • sean_edward_oHow do you like it?
  • buster@olivse It's great so far.
  • helveticagirlThat's awesome. But I suspect that women don't carry keys in their pockets. At least, I don't :-)
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