• mattseegsDopeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • katbeaversDad
  • templariiVery nice one!
  • fellandfairDude, you have to get your Ezio costume in there!
  • nicolasbruno@fellandfair I know! I was kicking myself in the ass the whole time for not bringing it
  • hlgphotosI fuckin love your work
  • xeno.anaman I am so in love with your work. darkly beautiful, enigmatic, endlessly fascinating. each photo could be an entire novel. thank you for the inspiration!! Keep it up!❤❤👏👏👏 @nicolasbruno
  • nicolasbruno@xeno.ana Thanks for the love Anastasia!
  • autumn_moon_childI have a recurring dream (nightmare) where a trio of women dressed similar to this plague me. Sometimes when I wake they are still in the room. I scream but cannot move. Takes a few seconds to focus.
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