SLAM162 w/ @carmeloanthony on sale now!
  • slamonlineSLAM162 w/ @carmeloanthony on sale now!

  • same_sith_diff_dayYea @dee6gee I do blame him cuz had he waited maybe we would have deron Williams instead
  • same_sith_diff_dayI feel like all we did was have a higher team salary for a more exciting regular season cuz regardless if we traded for melo or not it's the same results mid level seedin and early ass exit
  • dsp2ct@pick_one1 I'm glad Ray Ray is back and should be a good fit to run with this team... Dolan is a major factor in the issues with this franchise bottom line
  • same_sith_diff_day@dee6gee only smart thing Dolan did was let Lin walk...and I keep forgetting we got Kidd this year so that's gotta help us idk who gonna start n who gonna come of the bench
  • dsp2ct@pick_one1 me either but I'd like to see ray out there starting... Agreed on Lin, cause he definitely wasn't worth that contract... A 2 week audition doesn't constitute 30 plus mil
  • dsp2ctHope Kidd drives better on the court then he does off of it!!! Thought they would try and void his contract after the DWI arrest
  • same_sith_diff_day@dee6gee hell yea he wasn't worth it but I hope Kidd starts I'm pretty sure this is his last season playing so it would be nice to let him just start n finish his legendary career
  • fays.23Team success is gonna hurt my guy Melos legacy but I'm the end his game period is hall of fame worthy. They will be in the eastern conference finals against Miami watch.
  • 1sickquotesNice
  • witnessnycThem 4s the best thing Melo did in his career
  • trreeeyLmfaooooo 😂😂😂😂😂 @witnessnyc
  • witnessnyc@trreeey 😭😂😭😂😭did i lie?
  • trreeeyI can't even lmfaooooo 😂😂😂😂 I needa just log off this Instagram after that @witnessnyc
  • omegafocKicks go ham
  • apexpredvtor@kevtheog been seen these on his ig.. they are like red suade lasers, lol
  • baraqsiregarDope
  • upupandawayallthewayGay
  • whiskeywesTight cargos come on @carmeloanthony
  • 6foot7monstamonsta5Another AI great player horrible team player
  • dexter354Melo man
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