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  • carlayamilavillalbabeautiful woman :) @aconed
  • imannajaneHarry and Gemma look a lot like you!!
  • maddieellen2I can def see you in Harry.
  • maliha1d💋💋😍😍
  • maddieellen2@happilyhaz1d I know that...that's why I said that
  • maddieellen2@happilyhaz1d ....K?
  • maddieellen2@happilyhaz1d it can go both ways. I see her in Harry or Harry in her.
  • maddieellen2@happilyhaz1d wth is wrong with you
  • maddieellen2@happilyhaz1d I'm saying I can see a distinct resemblance...
  • maddieellen2@happilyhaz1d you're gross...
  • findme.inthe.white._. This is really "wtf" (friendzonefriendzonefriendzone)
  • namelessthayI love you Anne
  • bgitcheffLOL:)
  • brufferrariNICK GRIMSHAW 😍😍😍
  • lindseyxphillipsYou are a wonderful women, Anne!! Don't let anyone else tell you different!!
  • marisolrmxIn the background are a picture of White Eskimo....#JustSaying
  • miaa_marass@x.marisolrmz.x how adorable,i didnt even notice
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  • thejay.hIt has been over a month now. I still haven't realised what happened and I probably never will fully understand. The worst part of it - things like that happens every single day though we don't notice, because the persons that are losing their lives aren't known all around the world. I can only hope that the humanity will open their eyes and see what kind of a cruel place the world it has become. Why do we need violence. Whom do some people have to proof what exactly? ! I can't wrap my head around it. Every day innocent people are dying because of others that have nothing to justify their actions. And the rest of the world isn't able to change something. We're just staying and watching. Not because we don't care. Some of us do care, but we are too small to change a thing on our own. It honestly scares me. I know that's the worst way to handle the whole situation due to the fact that it only makes the enemy stronger - like in, it gives them a bit of power. But I am only human. I haven't seen anything of the world yet and as much as I'd crave to change something for the better I'm just a young person, a small piece of the today's world and I'm unable to do something about it. Why can't we just live in peace @annetwist ? We say we're the most intelligent species living. I'm sorry but I have to disagree on that! There might be very very intelligent, modest, kind, caring and bighearted human beings out there, but sadly there is also an outstanding number of people who aren't. I'm absolutely terrified of the day when it will affect me personally. And I pray to god that he'll help, rescue and protect the the world. I really hope that our society is going to see and starts to act to create a better world. Nothing is going to bring Christina back, as nothing is going to bring the poor and innocent victims back either. But because of them and of the spirit they left behind - for their sakes we should stay strong and never going to let anyone drag us down. We need to keep on going. Even if it's hard. And that hurts the most, because who is really caring about someone besides family and friends? The government? ... I'm not going to think about that too deeply...
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