Guess where we are today w/ @bravoandy?! #reunion #RHONY #ramotional
  • bravotvGuess where we are today w/ @bravoandy?! #reunion #RHONY #ramotional

  • lolalynnmitchellSonja is hilarious, but she does kinda have a drinking problem, I do feel bad for her getting the blame for Ramona and LuAnns conversation about the dynamics changing..Aviva makes me laugh that she thinks she is so important
  • sus_thomasOver Ramona. Time to recast. Heather and Carole are the only bearable ones.
  • muajenniferleeHeather & Carole are the only two that aren't bananas! Ramona & Sonia should have their own show! In which I would never watch!
  • jessicavita@raboteau hahaha you would like this!! Ooohh I can't wait
  • raboteauDuh! @jessicavita
  • codedlipsRamona and Sonia act like idiots in high school
  • brendoncarroll#vagonja !!! I ❤Carol! Please say #goodbyeRamona and bring back @Jillzarin
  • ddhutchinson2No way! Jill was annoying!
  • juliesharmaOmg cant wait for the reunion!
  • iamjoannenI can't wait......and although Ramona is whacko Jill can't bring enough to the cast. This season Ramona and Sonja took it to a whole new level of Personal disrespect
  • jo24fI don't really like the new format of the Housewives of New York. We should see more the city like in prior seasons.
    The old cast members like Kelly are really missed.
  • neyrod25Luv ALL the girls in this season
  • all_2580@shod973 Lmfao!!!!!
  • mrsoescalanteI agree ladies... Where is Jill z??? Missing the old dynamic duo Jill and bethany!😥
  • _just_marci_Missing Kelly, Jill & of course sweet Bethany
  • haslem40Gotta be jokin missing JILL missing my Girl Beth she ever clones back the whole of TriBeCa will never watch again .....
  • lmwilliamsPlease fire Aviva after this season, Andy! #avivasucks
  • wildhappycolor_carolyn_robbinOMG! Aviva is nuts. I'm so sick of her!
  • mommamarinnnIs Ramona on something
  • bellarosa_Ramona & her weird eyes, i can't stand it. She's creates drama, she's the one that needs a therapist. Ramona & Sonja act like victims. Why do they all gain up on Aviva?
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