There's so much ice he can't even float.
  • lastcall155There's so much ice he can't even float.

  • lastcall155@shellbela916 haven't named him yet.
  • r_hovaI'm telling u what if this dosnt ever work haha
  • timalphamale@lastcall155 your mad underrated dude good luck with mike johnson. Thats a tough fight but beating him should give you the recognition you deserve TAM all day!
  • lastcall155@timalphamale thx Tim! I keep tryn to tell them but they don't listen.
  • lastcall155@1gamble_ that's a chance I'm willing to take.
  • muaythai12Bro I just got home from intense training I took an ice bath and I think I caught hypo thermia
  • r_hovaI know dude idk why I always take it but I do.. I just dnt wana. Hear a few years down the line this does nothing for u.. Haha
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