This is our natural instinct as children. If we weren't taught by our parents that killing and eating innocent animals was 'normal and acceptable' I believe most of us wouldn't do it.
  • jonaweinhofenThis is our natural instinct as children. If we weren't taught by our parents that killing and eating innocent animals was 'normal and acceptable' I believe most of us wouldn't do it.

  • buttershasabiglefttoeA sheep broke my cheek bone when I was 5 :(
  • veazer1I don't think I am @jonaweinhofen... My sister has a PhD in animal behaviour and welfare. Anyone can find an example of animal cruelty on the Internet, or a statement to support one argument or the other. But facts is facts my friend
  • rachell_marieeLet people eat what they want, stay out of their diets. I eat meat and I'm fine with it and I'm fine with myself and it doesn't make me or anyone else a bad person. I love BMTH and you, but come make this sound like we are bad people for our choices of OUR diet! People who eat meat don't go around parading to eat it, so what the hell? You will not stop EVERY SINGLE PERSON from eating animals. It's not logical at all.
  • rachell_marieeAnd my parents aren't bad people because they brought me up to eat meat too, so whatever.
  • lewis_mckenna@rachell_mariee well said.
  • bowieesqueLast I checked, this was @jonaweinhofen 's Instagram account. He is free to post whatever the hell he wants- please note that he included an "I believe" statement instead of "I know/this is a fact." A healthy conversation from meat eaters, veggos and vegans alike is great- but tearing each other down and arguing who is right or wrong is a waste of time. Be educated, be aware, and make sound decisions based on that.
  • districtveganMarry me?
  • _legacykarlosYes but did you know that everyone has different believes ? Not everybody (has they grow up) have the money to be a vegan? For example people in Africa,India,Mexico an other places in the world were you are raised with no other option to only eat what you kill in order to feed your family. everyone has there on right to choose whats is good or bad for them.
  • seanmarshdesignI'm not going to put forward an argument for either side. I will say though, that this is a thought provoking and nice sentiment.
  • seanmarshdesign@jonaweinhofen
  • awkwardtoerdel@karlosattack so that there are poor people on this planet who have no other choice to hunt and kill to survive, justifies mass animal farming in unhuman conditions? I don't think so
  • _legacykarlos@akwardtoerdel yes I understand that . An now people Obiusly take advantage of that , but not everybody that is not vegan doesent love animals. I'm not a vegan . But I love animals an I understand the way there farm an unhuman condition there put in. it's not that Idc it's that it was the way I was raised in eating meats an so. I love animals an own lots of pets as well . My point is people are raise in different ways of living. If it was for me , I would wish People won't torcher innocent animals but obiusly they won't change that ever
  • mrleontaylorBang on man. @jonaweinhofen
  • mrleontaylorNoms in December !
  • marklikesyou@jonaweinhofen i'm not vegan but i respect your opinion, you're a smart man, keep on like that! 👍
  • _kandi_Beautiful! ☺
  • aj_santelicesYou're the best @jonaweinhofen
  • matt_deference@rachell_mariee 100% agreed
  • matt_deference@jonaweinhofen im not 100% wrong, so if there is 400 million vegans/vegetarians in the world (give or take) that still leaves the other 6.6 billion people who eat meat! Fair enough thats a fairly large portion of the worlds population, but it wont stop the killing. I'm not saying that people shouldn't be vegetarian or vegan, it's your/anyone's choice in life and I respect that, everyone is entitled to their own life! And i respect that you stand up for it so passionately, to the point of getting vegan tattooed on you but I'm not trying to insult your beliefs or you in anyway shape or form because i love your music and have loved every band you've been in, I'm just making the point that posting a picture on instagram isn't going to stop 6.6 billion people from eating meat and billions of animals from being killed and eaten.
  • jonaweinhofen@matticus15 point is mate, that the amount of vegetarians and vegans has increased substantially in the past 100 years and although the entire human population is booming at an incredible rate, the amount of veg/vegans is increasing just as fast if not faster. The more of us there are, the more power of positive influence we have. Besides there will come a time very soon where we simply can't sustain the worlds demand for meat as a food and will be forced to look for alternatives. Do some research dude. Just because you 'think' we won't/don't make a difference, does not make it fact
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