Me and the stowaway
  • thereadysetMe and the stowaway

  • samiam18_Aww :)
  • abigailgloria0321BABY
  • rosenittel@thereadyset I hope someone rescued him !!!
  • oh.she.isI'm so glad someone came and got him! I would have except someone in my house is allergic to cats /:
  • cnkellyyAwwwa❤💜💙💛💚❤😍
  • rebeccamaida_I'm so excited to see you in convert tonight even though it's like the 10th thins
  • rebeccamaida_*time
  • d.ar__Aww
  • iammicaelaCute stowaway.
  • n331yKitty kitty c:
  • sabrinal146Kitty!!! ^_^
  • kyla7795If you were in NC I would have come rescued it but I'm glad it found a someone too take it in I hope they didn't do it just to meet you and then throw it in a shelter
  • fli29Aw cat!
  • mac_morrisAgh Jordan it's so cute omg I guess the girl Jen named her Walla like Wallace i love you for lovng that cat ok
  • stepherz_18You're adorable :3 Not like you don't already know that<3
  • taylieisacatJordan. you're so perfect. /)u;
  • mfkacyYour so gorgeous, your perfect and amazing. If I could marry anyone, it would probably be you. <3
  • katiefiestaKittens and lightsabers?
  • julianishiyamahappy birthday jordan, who comes over many years of sucess, i love you so much forever <3
  • julianishiyamaI love you Jordan <3
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