Checking out the brand new @unitedcolorsofbenetton popup
  • samhorineChecking out the brand new @unitedcolorsofbenetton popup

  • sgoralnickthis has been spectacularly hilarious.
  • samhorine@sgoralnick better than cable!
  • dhodayErotic knitting. It's all the rage.
  • heytherepartnerUhhhhhh
  • _alixSubtle.
  • stevenrojasYour'e all sickos, they aren't having sex they are wrestling... RIGHT?
  • vikumnice...
  • jakartanguyenHonestly just read an article about this and the parents who are offended oughta shut up. Keep your children off of instagram and Facebook and all social media if you feel so strongly about this. What century do we live in anyway? Get a grip and take this go what it is. If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Have a nice day everyone else 😘
  • amandajasnowskilolfest. poor fella.
  • jrlove@dansavage
  • lore1881This is amazing art work! Unique and yes controversial but If you research a little more about it, you would know that is an homage to love dedicated to the desire for an equal and sharing society.
  • erikraveloLANASUTRA for you Guys. E.
  • erikraveloLANASUTRA.:)
  • mission__Omfg. Parents. Shut the fuck up.
  • che2beIt's about LOVE. What does Benetton love? Yarn and Color. These two things brought together build an emotion. If any of the people that condemned the piece before actually trying to understand it is laughable. If your kids are old enough to ask what this PIECE OF ART is, then it's time to take some responsibility and teach them about it!!!
  • che2beDo you turn your noses every time you take your kid to a museum? If you do- then please do us all a favor and stay home.
  • mshibbesLOVE. I
  • hungarianchipmunkSo THAT'S what knitting is!
  • maria111777@trib93 yay or nay
  • ellasoooUmmmm.. Maim u know ur knits r haveing sex😂
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