Ad for Champagne, meant to be served with lemon?
  • davidlebovitzAd for Champagne, meant to be served with lemon?

  • davidlebovitzPretty amazing a Champagne house advocating adding a twist to their Champagne. Wonder how it tastes?
  • positanogirlThat's an interesting combination. Worth a try, though.
  • daydreamfoodieThat is odd - not sure I wanna risk it....
  • lisesodborgSaw a bottle in Asia this summer that was made for drinking with ice and mixed in cocktails. Think it was Moët... Weird trend!?!
  • katieparlaEww
  • elaineritchelFrench 75. Delicious champagne and citrus cocktail. Try it.
  • davidlebovitz@elaineritchel never heard of that one- wonder if the 75 refers to Paris?
  • steadierzebra3French 75 also contains gin, and was invented in London...
  • elaineritchel@davidlebovitz I never thought of that! Everything I've read says that it was concocted during WWI in Paris, and it's named after the French 75mm for its kick!
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