Lipstick homicide
  • billiejoearmstrongLipstick homicide

  • brutal_l0veHi @bj_unoxx, I sent you a message on @InstaTalks
  • mikeyways_cup_of_coffeeAwesome
  • champerscharlie19@bj_unoxx oh dear you never fail to amaze me, your "dancing" in do you know your enemy surely did give my dad's drunken ska dance moves a run for his money. Your stone mad 👯💃
  • boulevardofmoshingkilljoysUr awesome billie
  • musicrulzmylifeRock on! xx
  • boulevardofmoshingkilljoysHey can green day come to Nashvill tenisee Iv wanted to see you all but we can't afford to travel far.
  • juicysgot@mvt_31 Toronto January 29, 2013. Idiot Club presale tix 3 days b4 they actually go on sale.
  • cade.wernerThank you
  • greenday.409@bj_unoxx Will there be a radio edit version of the album out on the same day as the regular one or not?
  • miiiiiked@greenday2121 Green Day never releases censored versions of their albums :p
  • aprilmarif@miiiiiked Incorrect. They will be censoring it since they will be selling their CDs at Wal-Mart now.
  • aprilmarif@tlsanders2 They have always sold their older music. I was a cashier there for a year & would be thrilled to see someone buying one of GD's CDs. Lol. But yeah, the policy is stupid. It's not like kids aren't going to hear the uncensored version on YouTube anyway.
  • ann_christin82Songs never get censored in Norway. Not even on the radio or tv. The law says that swearing is a part of any language and everyone is free to speak as they feel. :-D so if something gets censored in Norway, it's really bad and every Norwegian would want to hear it... Obviously..
  • x_xtherazriotx_xThe Norwegians have the right idea!
  • amrodalOH QU PASO
  • billiezidiot2005Counting down dayz to chi town!!! Xoxoxoxo
  • billiezidiot2005My're performing tonight!! Thought u were off..well *blows kiss*,.. good luck beautimus some cowbell!!! Ha ha..Xoxo.
  • billiezidiot2005Muahh!!!!! Xoxoxo hope you have a great day..the storm missed us..thank goodness..u stay safe luv! Missed your IGs coz I was sleeping but u were in my dreamz...k gotta start my day..thinking.missing..loving u 4 Eva!! Xoxo
  • billiezidiot2005Morning beaUtiful !!
  • matilde.garelloHe looks like Kurt Cobain :)
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