Working on final draft of my book - after this last pass it's off to the presses!
  • carolinemanzoWorking on final draft of my book - after this last pass it's off to the presses!

  • _alistahrOMG I CAN'T WAITTTT 💚💜
  • goodmeg02I'm so excited! I love Caroline and her beautiful family. <3
  • i_am_over_itWoohoo!!!
  • nikki0316Good luck..
  • kalyhaSo excited for you & can't wait to read it. We love you, Caroline!
  • roelixWhat is your book about?
  • teachersrule316Cant wait to reAd it!
  • girlygurlmomGood for u Caroline. Maybe this will will put an end to your jealousy towards Teresa
  • princess_marisol24Can't wait to read it!!!
  • jesssha@misstamyra Your crazy just like Theresa! Why do you follow her if you don't like her? #idiot
  • giswifeyOMG can't wait. I will be first to buy it!😊
  • stacy3875At alrmizrahi well said
  • makeupdogspink@arlmizrahi it's a show it's all staged reality drama gets the most ratings and $ in everyone's pockets I love rhonj season 1-4 love them all
  • esmia75I hope it is all staged because if it isn't I recognize how much Caroline is hurting her own daughter in my eyes and made pretty obvious by the California trip!! I think Lauren is awesome but she seems to be second fiddle to her brothers
  • renee_martin03Is all you do is put other people down? Cause every picture I have looked at you on this page you have put this lady down why? You must have no life. Oh have you accomplish anything like this lady has if not please go to some other page & try & be nice.
  • crowderpjWho cares! We love Caroline!
  • its_all_about_luvCan't wait!
  • bldashCan't wait I am a big fan of urs ,
  • mclute72I will defintly read your are a wise woman that i look up to. Thanks for all you do :)
  • bellisemoWhat a joke!!! Really wow some story.. U talk too much way too much..
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