Volcano is getting all kinda of crazy today. 😳 #guatemala #volcano #mylife
  • emanicoleVolcano is getting all kinda of crazy today. 😳 #guatemala #volcano #mylife

  • emanicole@blackstar_shi2010 it's actually safer that it's slowing erupting rather than just blowing up. :)
  • leahkierstenJust read on twitter that a volcano erupted in Guatemala! Is everything okay where you are?! Read thousands of people were being evacuated?! @emanicole
  • emanicole@leahkiersten yup that's the one :/ thousands of people on the other side in some towns on the south side have been evacuated. Pray for them! Life is not easy right now... For now we are safe. :) we are 8 miles from fuego..we will keep you updated.
  • leahkierstenThank you!! I'll definitely be praying! The spirit is touching down healing the town and people! I love you so much and I'm so glad that God has two awesome warriors over there to help do his work! Praying for you!!! ❤❤❤❤ @emanicole
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