@kenroczen94 ripping on a KTM 450 at Comp Edge #motocross @Cudby photo
  • racerxonline@kenroczen94 ripping on a KTM 450 at Comp Edge #motocross @Cudby photo

  • niccogazRoczen VS Cairoli sept 23 in Germany gp??
  • millsdesign.coYup
  • whitelinebergCan't believe people were calling this kid the next Ricky Carmichael.
  • jahale224@lou_stool they never did...plus this kid is a world champ. European GP tracks are completely different than US tracks. When u can beat @kenroczen94 on the track...than u can start talkin trash
  • whitelinebergPeople always pull out that "u Kant beet him lulz" @jhale226 way to be original. I hope Kroc smokes cairoli
  • jahale224@lou_stool if people keep saying the same thing did it ever occur to you that they were right? Food for thought.
  • cmsartworxHit me up for custom artwork
  • goridemx19@jhale226 @lou_stool It's like saying once we can run for president and beat obama then we can say obama is a bad president. We critique because that's what everything professional is have you ever said"Man, that Running back needs to do this, then he'd get a touchdown." or something remotely close to that? Well saying once we can beat Roczen we can't say anything is like that. So your saying that until someone can run faster than him, then we can only say good things about him? If so then until Roczen beats Carmichael you shouldn't say that he's the next RC. You think they care if we critique them? I'd bet not, they know they can beat the majority of us, and we know it too. So don't bring stuff like that up.
  • mylesbowen_37@bankshaft_henry @jhale226 @lou_stool you're all retarded, give the kid a break. His first year in the states and runs top 3 at SX and top 5 at MX... Compared to his short stint last year he's come a long way. He got rid of the little mistakes and has become probably the most consistent 250 rider on the track... @kenroczen94 for the title next year buddy
  • poscabrothersP
  • jrmeadorsWhy does intagram always have to turn into a he said, he's faster , bullshit political speak? It's a pic of a exceptional rider doing work leave it at that.
  • master_shakeRoczen can't run for president, he wasn't born in the usa
  • al_rightythenAmen @jrmeadors !
  • whitelineberg@bankshaft_henry well said! I like when people say Roczen isn't accustomed to the heat in the US. How about he just doesn't have the strength and speed of the monsters that are Bagget, Barcia, Tomac
  • goridemx19@lou_stool you ain't kiddin'.
  • the29machineHe's only 18. He's endurance will come! He smoked em at the start of several races with upto 9 second leads, but faded due to endurance of a young body. The experience of this season will help no end for next season! When it clicks he'll be awesome!
  • charliedearmanYou can't blame his speed, he led lots of races this year and he smoked canard at the mxon on American soil. It can't be easy moving half way around the world to race
  • usagirl911Well said @jrmeadors!!! Get off the kid, good God people! It's a pic of an 18 year old kid who moved from another Country and his family and friends at 17 to pursue his dream of racing. He's done exceptionally well his first year. He never says anything bad about anyone, why all the hate?!
  • deep_ruts_3_puttsAll that needs to be Said is look what Baggett and tomac did their first full rookie season in motocross. Not shit!!! And Kenny your battling with them when theyre at the peak of their game. You da man Kenny keep doin ya thang
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