Just love looking at old piccies of @thekatvond !
  • katvondunlimitedJust love looking at old piccies of @thekatvond !

  • ida.bentsenme too:) is she sending you these, or do you find them online?:)
  • rickygcsthlmQue linda.. :)
  • katvondunlimited@idabenzz found them online. Ones i posted before my buddy had found all for me and this one i screen capped from the yahoo link i posted yesterday ^.^
  • daniel_zormagenHow cute, Kat with a Cat :P
  • emilylenton1I love looking at them too :) soo cute wasn't she ?xx<3
  • deadwatersailorI can´t decide which cat is cuter :D haven´t you got any photos from the time when she was 15 or so? :) I always what she looked like back then!
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