Check out that shirt on the left.  #oyo #jenisnyc
  • jenisicecreamsCheck out that shirt on the left. #oyo #jenisnyc

  • missygleasonI was just going to ask if that was an OYO shirt! Nice!
  • kelseymdonnellyHa! I know that couple!
  • essentia_lee@bendelgal xoxo
  • joshuazaJeni's is what I miss most from Columbus. Will see you on Wednesday, repping the OH in some Buckeye gear.
  • connnahThey used to come to the Bexley store all the time. Cheers! Glad to see they're still able to get their fix!
  • bendelgalThis most certainly was the best end to a Monday EVER! The Heckmans heart Jeni's so much! Thanks for coming to our new hood. CBUS for eva.
  • actualjenThis made me the happiest ohioan! Seeing some of my besties and jeni together in NYC! Yay
  • youmatter2@jenisicecreams will you be anywhere near Union Square or in that area? You should give students and faculty at #NewSchool/Parsons a chance to experience the phenomenal ice cream Web Smith talks about in Columbus, Ohio. #twin sons in NY:)
  • bdos83Hey it's the Heckmans!
  • oh_deannaHow did I miss this? Yay, Ben!
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