My gorgeous baby 💙 @peoplemag
  • snookiMy gorgeous baby 💙 @peoplemag

  • ceciliamcarlAwe!
  • mdjsjshsbsnsnsMy b-day
  • makenzie_lucasBron on my birthday
  • njc95Born on my birthday! Awh! 😍
  • ashley_aracheHe's so cute😍
  • makaylaa18He is gorgeous and so are you! Im actually a big fan and loved the Jersey Shore and snooki and jenni Im sad they ended but I was going through your old picture before you had larenzo and so many people had negative comments and I always said dont judge her and you dont know and im really happy seeing you post pictures of you guys and its nice to see but hope you and your family are good @snookinic
  • supergirljaniHe was born on my birthday!! :D love you snooki! ❤
  • missmmadiWe have the same birthday!
  • rebeccaholbyeThis picture is gorgeous 💕 be proud snooki!
  • keren.rodzWhen is hus bday and what are your plans for him?
  • emmasandstrommHappy birthday Lorenzo <3 i know i have write that on many of your pictures of him, haha 💕 but i guess u get like thousands comments every minute so im trying to make u notice me lol 🎀🐱💋 x
  • jarebear_19_Happy 1 year. We all love u
  • _mtkrs_Gorgeous baby <3
  • _.kayla._.clemons._So cute
  • rachel_attfield@boryana_peneva I just watched the programme lol x
  • boryana_peneva@rachybabyd awww what a cutie 😘 and I am watching x factor.. Lol
  • conceitedqueen117Omg i love ur eyes n u look cute with a round face 👍😍💋😂
  • tiny.smoovOmg your sons birth day is 2 days earlier than mine @snookinic
  • bri_lynnnnThis is sooo adorable!! @snookinic you look great now but you were always beautiful!
  • karolinajamHappy Birthday Lorenzo!!! 🎈🎊🎉🎂💕
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