#nyfw street style:  Hanne Gaby Odiele's school-cool look
  • teenvogue#nyfw street style: Hanne Gaby Odiele's school-cool look

  • vann.rochaMost models ARE naturally thin, but then they add to that by not eating and unfortunately that's what the fashion industry wants and until they change that, this is what models will look like.. Too bad
  • charlottegrayson@sarinaalishaxo feel so bad saying this but the face reminded me of a certain member of the maths dept...
  • sarinakiayani@charlottegrayson OMG YES
  • _devs_lol, some are being so defensive as if theyre the models bff. everyone has an opinion and sometimes they conflict, if someone elses view is different than yours who gives a flying fuck. we're all unique
  • mothermorgan@dana_mae_6_100 thank you baybayyyy :)
  • seoulseekers@rorganmardin no prob gurl
  • sav.annah94She's just straight up ugly. Even if she ate she'd be hit :( bleck
  • shpattenY does she look like she's 100yrs old
  • catsnacks660Looks like a mean teacher...
  • cierra.x2@katiek326 im not hating but im speak the truth i dnt kno her nd how would u know how she iz on the inside? U dnt kno her either and i was just saying that it crazy how magazines nd companies promote being very very skinny nd make ppl like me nd others that arent a size 0 or 1 feel insecure nd sometimes even ugly when really there not nd companies show models like this and make young girls think they should starve there self nd over work there bodys to look beautiful nd be beautiful wen they already are beutiful inside and out nd i have nothing against this girl my comment was nit about being "pretty" it was a bout being all around beautiful honey so have a nice day nd think b4 u comment thankz :-)
  • nsmith218Ugly!!! Oh my eyes!
  • flopicomUgly! She looks really sick!!!!
  • simplylexaThe only people who think she or anyone else is ugly just because of their size are the people who are insecure about themselves. She has a natural brightness that makes her stylish and beautiful
  • immy_bit's funny, because she's got the modelling career and you all haven't! sucks to be you guys
  • n.reddishe looks so sick :/
  • rose_1197Looks pretty
  • _ana.05ew
  • paigerakozUmm? Ok
  • idaasofiiakThe dress and the bag are pretty, but the girl looks sick. She looks way to skinny....!
  • i_love_ny13Beauty comes from within not weight or clothes. Who cares if they look different or are skinnier if they are kind?
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