On The Road's #GarrettHedlund and #KristenStewart started their day at our photo studio while at the Toronto Film Festival #tiff
  • instylemagazineOn The Road's #GarrettHedlund and #KristenStewart started their day at our photo studio while at the Toronto Film Festival #tiff

  • kp199She didn't sleep with Ruperv, you dumb son of a bitch.
  • the_match_factory_girlStewart, at the moment, is just another person who happens to be ridiculously famous. She's going through a very rough time and is working hard to promote her film (and will undoubtedly go through hell promoting Breaking Dawn: Part 2), all the while being sheltered by a phalanx of protectors. Let's leave her a bit of breathing room, shall we? Stop talking SHIT!
  • cpsmith63A) she didn't sleep with him B) How would you like it if your stupid mistakes were played out for all the world to see??? C) She's still a person with feelings and doesn't deserve to be treated like she murdered someone. D) anyone who sit's in Judgement on another person had better be Jesus himself or STFU
  • cpsmith63I could go all day long with this Alex... trust me you would lose this argument, you need to grow up!!! Kristen is someone's daughter, sister, and friend...would like it if your friend, sister or daughter was treated the way she has been treated for a stupid make out session? Nope, nadda, no way!!! so think before you open your big mouth!!
  • the_match_factory_girl@teeny32 preach! ✌😉
  • jibriellI don't care about her personal life but I dislike her acting, she needs to improve her skills /:
  • the_match_factory_girlThat's why she is one of the highest paid young actresses in Hollywood! Your ignorant!
  • shpattenWho cares
  • rubynksIf she's with him, then she clearly has no reason to be depressed. Lol
  • lovinlouieThey both look great. I think that to be an actor would be very hard not because of the work but because of the extra crap that goes with. We don't know then, therefore we CANNOT judge. We weren't there, therefore we CANNOT judge. Some people obviously don't think before they let off on these nasty tirades. Let them have a life for crying out loud. Remember, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks.
  • laurlaursingLoving all the slut shaming! Keep fighting one another about someone you don't know!
  • tori_ann93She is single. She can fuck anyone she wants.
  • meandmylexilove@love_vikki anyone but nt to married man of course! think about the wife & the kids too who i think, are more affected &devastated of what happened than of kristen!!!
  • ad_mandaKristen Stewart is a meeeh.. She can't act!
  • tori_ann93@gjandlexi28 Well of corse. Have some self respect.
  • meandmylexilove@love_vikki exactly girl!
  • tergarneyOooooo I LOVE him!!!
  • jenlajMy dog acts better than her. She sucks.
  • treoflifeShe just has the look they want, for right now
  • kallyjo_johnson:-(
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