live from tha #tiff12 #reincarnated press conference tune in now!!!
  • snoopdogglive from tha #tiff12 #reincarnated press conference tune in now!!!

  • nathii_tejedaSnoop doggy-dog
  • irievNiggas fucking tripping, haters. How do u ignorant fools think Bob Marley became a Rasta?? He listened to the Rasta man and gave up Babylon ways trascending and finally becoming himself a Rasta
  • _fortesfelipeUr gettin old, bro
  • _fortesfelipeBut still one of greatest rappers on da world
  • toledobunnyY is it that snopp make weed look legal, due he have a dr script, cause like he upload pics of weed from city to city state to state country to country. And NOBODY says .nothing. What ever he doing good job snoop. You might as well say weed is legal
  • toni_is_real@toledo_bunny you're right man
  • taranda_eliEeee great;)
  • 6daataHe's snoop, Mega famous dude. Probably why noone says a damn thing. Keep on tokin'!
  • jster735Do da do 'ROARRRR!!!!!
  • lucineiavellosoVocê fica lindo de roupa branca
  • alwayzsitnprettySo do his family stay wit him now he is rastafarien living n Jamaica?
  • justsuzanneDid he say he was living in Jamaica or he went there
  • parisaamiraAha
  • merald_@anacristinac tu novio jijij
  • lucvsrxsvshutb the fuck up bitch
  • gene_chronic_og@snoopdogg man u look like a real cool homie to chill and blow a dobbie with. My favoit artist
  • gene_chronic_ogNo doubt
  • shlomit_07U look like my uncle !!
  • joshkinsingerLooks like osama bin laden
  • taeledo_josa@snoopdogg wassup big homie Idk if u gne pay any attention to this but I'm a 19yr old I rap it's been my dream before I was a kid i live in toledo ohio was wondering could u help me I'm begging for an opportunity
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