Super Nice dîner in NY ;)
  • olivier_rousteingSuper Nice dîner in NY ;)

  • khamham@edddsster I've seen people have "dimples" this drastic naturally when they get too skinny. But that's just not healthy.
  • asal.aliYou are so beautiful
  • iam_derronI want to meet you!
  • simplee_roYour gorgeous
  • yasmin_jamaalI like ur eyebrows @olivier_rousteing and can I model for u☺?
  • danielaaacruz<3 la veste!!!
  • alastarKarlie Kloss is Adorable♡ @karliekloss
  • lovesherriffaSuch a Handsome Man
  • _aslayah_J'adore @olivier_rousteing
  • brandiganes_Babes
  • sw33tl4dykimYoure so Handsome!!!
  • autruikwzHey coco
  • cat2507catHe's just on another level!
  • lofthairboutique💛
  • prefacioofficialFinally to the last of your pictures!! I'm so happy for you and sincerely wish you the best in life! Continue doing what you do best and don't let anyone stop you! 😘
  • prefacioofficialP.s I'm a huge fan of yours and would totally love if you would follow my main page @sampuentess you are a huge inspiration for me :) 😍😘
  • _supersam_😍
  • melanin.perfectionHey Olivier ! I want to be like you. It is my dream, one of the biggest of them all. However I am a little bit heavy and I am struggling with loosing wait haha 😂. Well, anyway, I don't even know exactly why I am writing this, I just hope you answer me. I am a real fan of your work. Good Luck, I hope I have the same one soon. Bye ☺😊😆
  • sumer_rayne_Your story is so amazing. A beautiful biracial butterfly reviving the face of fashion and brunging it into the lives of so many.😍
  • bbydddyHighly doubt you'll read this or even notice, but its the thought that counts right? You are an incredible inspiration and have amazing talent. I wish you so much happiness and success and am eager to seeing all of your future work. Hope the holidays this year treat you with much love and prosperity✨
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